Life just after graduation

Life is all about number of stages to pass through. There comes a time in our life when we have to pass through a stage so called “Graduation”. During this time, we are clearing a stage in life as a student and entering into a whole new phase. But we sometimes are worried about our new life.

 What’s next? What are your plans now?

This type of question may arise in everyone’s mind during this period. I too faced the similar feelings during the time of my graduation. So, I think it’s all right to have a feeling like this. But it’s important to tackle this question and keep moving with life.

Before going towards the solution to this kind of feelings in our mind, let’s first discuss why such feelings catch a place in our minds. Why do we always think of such things?

“Graduation” is not the biggest thing that happens in our life. But the environment that we are living in and the society we are living with makes us feel that this is the biggest thing that ever happened to us in our life. So, we can get the idea that the society and environment that we are living in are the main source of such feelings in our mind. With Society and Environment, I mean the people. The people can be our parents, brothers, sisters, neighbor, friends and almost everyone.

When we see ourselves in the mirror, we find that we are nearly 22-23 and almost graduated. This is not the age to take ourselves into any pressure situations.  This is the golden era to explore the world. We need to know what we actually are and what are our likes and dislikes.

People will come and ask “What are you going to do now?”. Don’t panic, just tell them that you need some time to figure it out. You need some time to know yourself because all those years you kept on knowing the books and their knowledge but you never knew yourself.

This phase can be very hard to pass on as you will see your friends going for jobs, some friends going for interns in top companies of your town, your parents will start thinking that you are a bit weaker than your friends. But you are not. You are just taking out some time to know yourself. To explore the world. To explore the world inside your mind, your soul.

Within 2-3 months, you will finally have an amazing taste to your life. You will now have a fixed idea about your future. You will not be like your friends who kept the race of finding a good job or interns instead of finding themselves. You will have known more clearly about the society, the politics, your hometown, your country and this will bring a huge change and maturity in your way of thinking.

A Lion Takes 2 Steps Back to Attack

So you are same as this lion who just stopped his life for sometimes to jump even harder. To catch the goals of his life more faster than others. At this stage of life, you’ll have achieved the rest that was must needed for all those hard work you did to get this graduation.

At last what I want to say is that take some gap after your graduation, find the purpose of your life and then jump more harder towards your dream than any one else because if you are not going to chase your dream, someone will hire you to help them fulfill their dreams. Your dream can be related to your graduation field, may not be related to it or anything but just keep a hope and confidence in yourself that yes, you can do it. Yes, I can do it…

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